Medical Waste Management

Solutions designed to simplify workflows and drive down costs.

Save up to 80% with a customized solution that best fits your needs.

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Pickup Services

Medical waste pickup service options to best fit your unique needs.

OnSite believes in empowering care communities with flexibility. With fully transparent pricing models, communities can choose the service that best fits them. Wave goodbye to annual increases, hidden fees, and manipulative contracts.

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Desktop Sterilization

Take control of your medical waste with the TE-5000.

The TE-5000 is a smart, desktop-sized device engineered to empower care communities to treat their own waste with the push of a button. With the the ability to compliantly treat both red bag waste and contaminated sharps, communities can throw their medical waste away in the regular trash following a treatment cycle.

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Save time and simplify your workflow with a mail-back program.

Medical waste treatment is complicated. From finding storage to scheduling pickups, it’s a lot to manage. Not with OnSite’s mail-back program. Automatically receive containers in the mail along with return labels and compliant shipping boxes. Simply send back your containers once they are full. Yes, it’s that simple.

Manage Regulatory Compliance Automatically with One Service Provider for All Four Types of Medical Waste


Sharps Management

Needles, blades, syringes and injection devices


Red Bag Waste

Infectious packaging, unused bandages, infusion kits, etc.


Infectious Waste

Outbreak-related isolation gowns, masks, gloves and more


Pharmaceutical Waste

Unused/expired medication vials, I.V. bags and tubing

Choose a medical waste pickup service that best fits your needs


Only pay for the boxes you need with a per-box structure.

  • Best for seasonal, volatile, and less-predictable waste volumes
  • Scheduled recurring or one-time pickups
  • Standalone OR supplemental to an existing program
  • Only pay for what you use
  • No minimum box count


Per-trip structure with flexible schedules.

  • Best for practices trying to reduce spend and volume
  • Scheduled pickups with flexible frequencies
  • Enables a lower price by allotting a box count minimum per trip
  • INCLUDES: WasteTech IQ Analytics
  • INCLUDES: Quarterly volume reports


Traditional monthly subscription with the lowest per-box rate.

  • Best for practices generating consistent waste volumes
  • Maximize operational efficiencies
  • Project monthly spend with the most limited cost variability
  • Annual allotment of waste containers
  • INCLUDES: Compliance training and DOT training

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