Clear, consistent capital management

Deploy proactive planning, productive communication and powerful decision-making in a single, easy-to-use solution with TELS® Capital Planning.

Capture Data

Integrate Processes

Gain Visibility

Create a tightly knit capital planning environment that lets you achieve greater savings and compliance across your organization. Unleash the potential of more-informed budgets, long-view strategic planning, successful implementation and the ability to navigate a challenging Senior Living industry, all powered by the TELS data engine.

Powering every step of the process


your program
and goals


conditions, assets
and requests


based on requirement
and ROI


according to limits
and timing


with all key

Your TELS data. Better results.

When you put TELS Capital Planning to work, it automatically connects to your asset information, repair notes, spend, project requests and site visit reports in TELS Platform. This empowers you to evaluate, prioritize and communicate your capital plans consistently better, again and again.

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