It’s no secret building management is facing big challenges today. Discover how over 30 Senior Living operators are choosing to take control.
Ken Smith, Vice President of Sales, shares how the TELS+ program confronts these challenges head on.

TELS+ Delivers Results

TELS+ is a comprehensive, customized facility management program that combines the power of TELS® Platform technology and the strength of the TELS Building Services network.

An added level of account oversight accelerates your ability to achieve the levels of compliance, visibility and efficiency needed to realize impactful results.

A TELS+ partnership provides a simple way to effectively consolidate your services spend and drive accountability across your portfolio.

Vendor Management

Would you rather your maintenance team spend their time chasing COIs and calling around to find an available plumber or actually spending time taking care of the building and its residents? Learn more about how a TELS+ program can help relieve the day-to-day struggles with vendor management.


The TELS+ program adds in an extra layer of account support to form a true partnership. Implementation support, technical expertise for your projects or day-to-day customer service – just a few ways TELS helps extend your team’s resources. Together we’ll uncover opportunities to make a big impact on your day-to-day operations.

Savings Opportunities

Budgets are tight. Headcount is low. Everyone needs to find ways to save time and money in their day-to-day operations. TELS+ uses the data collected within TELS Platform to uncover actionable insights that help enable you to make smarter decisions, lower costs, drive accountability and create better budgets.


Building services makes up a significant portion of the operating budget. If you don’t have visibility into the day-to-day spend across your portfolio, you can’t make smart decisions on how to control costs. Shine a light on patterns, benchmarks and behaviors to uncover opportunities for efficiency and savings.

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