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Register for the 2024 TELS® Summit held in Milwaukee, May 15-16.

What is Summit?

TELS Summit brings together building management professionals in Senior Care for the largest conference of its kind. Here’s what you can expect:

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Gather with industry experts, Life Safety professionals, the TELS team and your industry peers to navigate changing regulations and exchange best practices.


Create smarter strategies for vendor management, deploying capital, using data to define your path forward, and driving efficiency throughout your processes.


Explore recent trends, emerging technologies, and revolutionary thinking that will define the future of Senior Care building management.

Who should attend?

TELS Summit is tailored for building management professionals in Senior Care whose responsibilities include:

  • Building portfolio oversight
  • Asset management
  • Technology applications
  • Capital planning & project management
  • Leadership of facilities teams

Why Attend TELS Summit?

See the impact from those who’ve experienced it firsthand.

TELS Summit - May 15-16, 2024