Learn about our annual event!

TELS Summit is an annual customer event where you can join your facility management peers and explore new ways to use TELS technology to drive efficiencies and savings across your operations. You’ll be able to preview early feature release information, hear insights from Life Safety and industry experts, engage in exciting hands-on demonstrations, network and have a great time.

Who should attend?

TELS Summit is designed for Senior Living regional and corporate operations and building management professionals who are interested in learning about latest industry advancements.

Why should I attend?

Senior Living faces unique roadblocks rarely seen before. Staffing challenges, budget constraints and a shortage of qualified workers are at an all-time high. Your role is vital to the continued health of your organization, and we are here to help you through it. At Summit, you’ll have the unique opportunity to connect with leading industry experts who will help empower you with the tools and knowledge needed for continued success such as news on government relations, state funding and infrastructure, and how best to ask for additional support. Discover the power of connection as you further your organization.

Explore the many ways we stay connected through technology:



Empower yourselves through the connections of the TELS network. From latest industry advancements to tips on how to secure government funds, the power to learn and grow is in your hands.



Learn how to leverage the knowledge of TELS to lighten your workload. Data of your facility is at your fingertips. We’ll show you how to use it to benefit your facility.


Seize new opportunities to remain connected and moving forward with dynamic and versatile features in partnership with TELS. Create lifelines with your peers as you battle ongoing industry challenges together.


Past Summit Highlights

We unveiled several exciting new technologies designed to help you respond to the ever-changing industry and armed you with tools and information to tackle the latest regulatory challenges. In this unique virtual format for 2021, our keynote speakers shared their knowledge of emergency preparedness, OSHA regulation updates, advancements in Indoor Air Quality technologies and more. Check out a few video clips from our 2021 virtual event:

TELS Summit - May 25-26, 2022