Set up Unit Turns for your corporation today and help drive utilization by your buildings! The Unit Turns all-in-one solution lets you centralize this disjointed process to inject greater value, streamline workflows, and drive increases in occupancy.


Standardize Processes, Track Spend and Reduce Costs

Knowing what has been done is just as important as what needs to be done. As each turn is completed, the module keeps a record of all jobs and costs so that the next turn (and the next and the next) is simpler and more cost-efficient. Plus, you can standardize checklists to ensure buildings only do what you want done.

Make Full Occupancy a Reality

Standardized processes, streamlined communication, and responsibility-driving notifications and information ensure teams turn units faster to reduce vacancy times and move buildings toward full occupancy.


Set Up Unit Turns Now!

Check out the User Guide or TELS Masters video for a step-by-step walkthrough, and get your buildings using Unit Turns today!

Review Corporate User Guide

View Corporate Masters Video

Review Corporate User Guide

View Corporate Masters Video

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I configure Unit Turns for my organization in TELS?

We have created a helpful visual guide and video with instructions on how to configure Unit Turns above. TELS has granted access to configure Unit Turns to existing Power Users similar to other configuration tools in TELS Platform. Click on the Configure bar in TELS, and select Unit Turns to proceed with creating your checklist templates. If Unit Turns isn’t visible in your dashboard, contact your organization’s Power User to be granted access. You may also reach out to TELS for assistance in identifying your organization’s Power User.

Can I remove or edit checklist items on the TELS Best Practice template?

TELS offers a Best Practice template to provide a framework that can be used to set up Unit Turn checklists. Power Users can make a copy of the Best Practice and then edit items to customize the template to suit the organization’s needs. Checklist items can be removed, edited, added and rearranged to ensure your template works for your organization and collects the data you need.

How can I view the resident rooms and apartments loaded across my organization?

Reach out to TELS Support to obtain an export of areas loaded across your facilities. TELS recommends that your organization standardize the format of unit types, to improve the quality of data and long-term reporting capabilities. Prior to implementing TELS Unit Turns, ask each facility to access their TELS dashboard, click on the Administration Bar, and Configure Areas. Here, they can clean up their list to accurately reflect all resident rooms and apartments. The configuration tools include options for mass loading and editing of areas with a few simple steps.

How can I give my facilities access to Unit Turns in TELS?

We have created a helpful visual guide and video with instructions on how to configure Unit Turns at the bottom of this page. Unit Turns Power Users should ensure that checklists are in place, and communication has been sent to teams prior to turning on access for facilities. Once these steps are taken, click the Activate button to have the functionality displayed for maintenance teams. Powers Users are not able to restrict certain facilities from accessing the Unit Turn functionality. Clicking on the Activate button will turn on the functionality for all facilities in your organization.

Can I create specific checklists for use in rooms that may have had COVID-19 exposure?

TELS allows you to create multiple checklists for different room types and scenarios. You may customize a Unit Turns checklist with a different or additional set of tasks to ensure facilities are able to track and follow the necessary processes for rooms of all types, including but not limited to those which may require special attention due to COVID-19.

How do I export data from Unit Turns for my organization?

TELS is actively developing self-service reporting options to export data collected for Unit Turns. Click on the Unit Turn tab in TELS to export facility reporting. Corporate wide reporting will soon be available on Interactive Reporting.

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Connect with us if you have questions about TELS Unit Turns or need additional assistance after reading the user guide or watching the video.