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Reduce your HVAC energy costs by up to 45%

Setpoint allows maintenance directors to control, analyze and automate the management of their entire building’s HVAC system all from a single dashboard. Setpoint’s Climate Intelligence software enables buildings to reduce their heating and cooling expenses by up to 45%, often saving thousands of dollars over the course of the year. By setting defined temperature ranges, using occupancy, temperature and humidity sensors in residents rooms and common areas, and lowering peak energy consumption Setpoint offers facilities a variety of tools for lowering costs. Setpoint is compatible with a wide variety of types and brands of HVAC units, which means your facility can benefit from this amazing technology.

Three Benefits of  Setpoint’s Climate Intelligence Platform

Achieve Energy Savings

  • Generates up to 45% HVAC Energy Savings
  • Up to $15,000 annual NOI increase per 100 rooms

Alleviate Staffing Challenges

  • Allows Remote Administration and Reporting 
  • Minimizes Time to Troubleshoot Malfunctions

Address Life Safety Concerns

  • Sets Regulatory Limits for Resident Rooms
  • Notifies Temperature Exceptions
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*45% average saving based on analysis of existing contracted customers. Individual savings are not guaranteed and may vary.